Pay Gap Demographics 
Equal Pay Days 
Workplace Harassment  
Olivia Johnson  
Portland, Oregon; 2020 
Cotton embroidery floss, Aida cloth, embroidery hoop, felt  
Courtesy of Olivia Johnson 

I created Women’s Work as a reaction to the discrimination that women, notably women of color, continue to face in the workforce. The medium of cross stitch, a form of art that tends to be labeled as kitsch and a women’s hobby craft, was intentionally utilized to emphasize the fact that women’s labor is routinely dismissed and undervalued.—Olivia Johnson 

Graphic artist Olivia Johnson uses a standard cross-stitch to visualize data on women’s representation in the workplace. Not only do cross-stitches resemble pixels, but they also call on centuries of embroidered history, rendering women and their labor visible in a familiar form. —Laura Johnson 

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